1. 30 days you will get 30 pleasant tasks.
  2. Each day ONLY ONE task will be unlocked for the player and only 30th day task will have time period of 7 days . You need to submit it as per the instructions given in that task. Submission could be in the form of Text, or a Picture or a Document or a video. In case there is a need to submit multiple photos kindly collage it and then upload.
  3. Incase you miss to submit your scheduled task for that day, then that day's task will be locked and you cannot submit it. You can only play the next day's scheduled task.
    For ex: You start playing this game from Oct 1st then each day you will get ONE task till Oct 30th. Imagine you play one task each on first 2 days and miss to submit Oct 3rd task, then oct 3rd task will remain locked and you cannot submit it once the time is run out. You can only play the 4th task which will be unlocked on Oct 4th
  4. You will have 3 levels in total. Each level you will have 10 tasks each. Each level you will be given TWO LIFE LINES which will be displayed in the form of Heart. Incase you want to change any question, You can use one of your hearts to change the question. Please note you get only 2 life lines each level. Use it Smartly.
  5. Any unused life lines wont be carried forward to the next level.
  6. You shall get a digital certificate at the end of the contest based on the number of tasks completed. Minimum number of tasks to be completed should be 25 or more.
  7. Once the task is completed digital certificate will be sent to your registered email address within the time period of 15 days.
  8. You would be given a certificate of acknowledgement, if the number of referred people is above 15.
  9. Remember: You need to be honest and sincere when you submit your tasks. If at any time the organizers detect unfair play or misuse then the organizers hold the right to disqualify the participant or even block them for future play with us.
  10. Note that all our tasks are very friendly in nature and does not cause harm to individual or society.