RISE UP GAME (RUG) is an app which will have numerous challenges on a day to day basis. It creates a positive impact in society and creates challenges which benefits themselves and society. Our intention is to create good human beings and create positive energy by using this they can achieve their goals easily. RUG will not have any challenge which will be dangerous or risky for an individual or society.

To all the players out there team RUG takes this privilage to acknowledge your wonderfull contribution towards soceity to those who refer more than 25 people for this wonderfull cause.


RISE UP GAME (RUG) is an app which will be available for users to download from Play store free of cost. It will have 30 challenges which will run for 30 days. Each of the challenge will be really interesting and totally safe without any dangers for life or property. People can submit challenges too which will be scrutinized by our team and chosen few will be hosted with the contributors credit going to those along with their name and photo. There will be various categories based on age, profession etc... There will be 30 tasks spread across 3 levels. Each level will have 10 questions which israndomly assigned. Each level has 2 life lines which can be used to swap the question incase participant finds it tough. Life line from one level will not carry forward to the next level.


1) To create a positive impact in society and create challenges which DO NOT HAVE any dangers or risk to life.
2) To create and make good human beings.
3) To make people become Good citizens and Samaritan.
4) To make people have some purpose and goal in life.
5) To make everyday life more thrilling without causing any dangers to self and others.


1) Users will switch to these types of challenges rather than other dangerous challenges with the intention of causing damage to life or property.
2) It will make people become better human beings and citizen of our country.
3) It will create an environment to help others and to be kind in this very competitive world.
4) It will act like a platform to bring out the talent within an individual.
5) It will create a purpose for individuals to make a mark in the society.
6) It will make people more of an extrovert.

Few Instances

1) Go to an orphanage and spend valuable time with them and send a Photo, Small video and Description for the same.
2) Take a video of yourself and tell us your city and what do you like about your city the most for 1 minute.
3) Take a video of 1 minute max and tell how you can help India?
4) Send a 1 minute motivational video praising our Indian Army.
5) Take a picture hugging your Parents/Best Friend with a smile on everybody’s face.

Screen shots

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Welcome to the RUG.
we will make sure that you are going to have amazing experience, this app will be available in google playstore, it supports all the android users.